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Other Information

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
Element Bridesmaid Groomsman
Earth Anna Pavlova Eric Hoffmann (BM)
Air Meg Stivison Matt Barth
Fire Meredith King (MoH) Tom Olson
Water Shannon Petsa Jeff Harding

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There are lots and lots of hotels in the area. Quite a few of them are closer to the 5-College area which is about a 40min drive from the Warfield House Inn. Also, the Warfield House Inn itself is a small B+B, but first priority for rooms goes to the weding party.

Google's list of hotels near Charlemont
Google's list of Bed & Breakfasts near Charlemont

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For stuff for the house that we need and want.
For all sorts of random stuff that we both need and want.
Use link to get us gift cards to Home Depot
Give us money, because weddings are expensive.

If you don't like our selections and don't just want to give us money, gift cards to any of the three places above would also be wonderful.

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Read about the process of planning the wedding and some of the reactions that the guests had through the memories of Allison's LiveJournal.

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